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Harry Potter Fans!!!!!

26 Feb

I lOVE Harry Potter Series!! They have a very creative storyline!!!!!

I was on YOUTUBE and I came across a Harry Potter Rap!!!

It was, of course, clever and it matched up to the one and only series………

The lyrics are below with the song……

(I apologize in advance because of the fowl language :O) Continue reading


My Crazy BEST Friend :D

7 Feb

My Best friend is as crazy as I am……..well……i would have to say more

than me. I love her to death!!! She is my everything 😛

She showed me random poems that she wrote and i laughed my butt

off…..she is lame (and you might think that too) but she is cool to me 😀

I would like to share that with you 😀

She made all of them up because she was bored out of her mind 😀

This one is called “MOMENTS”

“These are the moments that matter the most, the ones that live and

breathe for you. They say good morning and they say goodnight and give

you a kiss on the cheek. Why not? These are the moments I love. When I

am with my mom. Watching carrots outside. As they play in  the snow. In

the snow. The snow. The snow. The moments where you can’t donate.

Not even a dime. Where are we?”

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“The Underground City Of Contol”

27 Jan

The thing I truly desired was something I could not imagine would happen.

It is unusual and remarkable.

It shows you the way to a whole knew world…… that world is still unknown.

People and creatures have not discovered it and have never suspected that the whole time it was beneath them, the city of Contol.

Neither man, women, child, nor creature has dreamed of finding something so valuable.

However, the city Contol is a magical and impossible place as well. It holds dreams, passion, love, care, and mind-blowing adventures.

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Teaching from the Heart <3

8 Jan

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.

~Gail Godwin

Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.

~Author Unknown

When I grow a little more, I hope to become an Elementary School

Teacher. I wanted this dream job for years and cannot wait to

accomplish it.

You know how children play school?  Well, I not

only did that but, I made created imaginary

students with names. Continue reading

*Surprise Surprise*

4 Jan

So, I was going to the Library with my best friend, Natalia,  like any other day.

(It was December 29 that day by the way……..)

When we got there, we did homework and i got a lot of cookbooks to attempt to make some interesting meals at home.

When my sister came to pick us up, i was planning on eating quickly when i got home and then go to the mall.

We drove in silence……..and then my sister says to Natalia to come with us to the mall. I got all happy when she said yes.

My sister also offered her dinner so that we can go right away and not have to drop her off.

So we walked up to the house and my sister knocked on the door. Now that was weird because she has keys.

Then she pushed me awkwardly to the front because i was in the back of the two of them.

Suddenly, the door flung open Continue reading

Funny sign I saw in Wisconsin

19 Oct

I was in Wisconsin driving to a fest when i saw this sign……..It is marked Chicago street in Wisconsin……..I wonder if in Chicago, we have a Milwaukee street 😀 Continue reading