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Gift of a Friend

7 Mar

I love my friends………and i appreciate their patience to put up with me…. 😛

I think that friends are a big part in your life……and you should treasure each moment with them…….

The good thing about them is that you can choose them.

They aren’t just given to you and you have to find some way to deal with them such as brothers and sisters.

Well, i found some cute photos online that are very true and express the true meaning of friends…….

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Do I Know You?

3 Feb

Do you look up to anyone?

Do you like someone so much people are saying your obsessed?

I thought I was lucky to be surrounded with people like that. You want them to notice you or want to be so much like them that you devote everything.

My experiences have twists. When you get to know someone really really well, things change. The obsessiveness and the and “worshipness” might fade away. I don’t know how that is possible. I’ve only seen it once and didn’t believe in it.

One minute, you’re completely in love with them, the real person’s spirit is revealed, and then….it just STOPS…just like that….. Continue reading

All About You: Features, Characteristics, and Personality

28 Jan

Everyone has their own Features, Characteristics, and Personality. That is what makes us different from other human beings. Doesn’t everyone always wonder what people are really like? What do those people  like other people to be like?

(If that sentence didn’t make sense, i apologize…… :D)

Everyone can be different. Everyone can have the power to change also.

In my case scenario, I am way different than any of my family members. Especially my mom. She is the complete opposite of me and yet we get along.

Now, you must be thinking about that opposites attract, right? Well, I thought that until I met my best friend. Continue reading

Teaching from the Heart <3

8 Jan

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.

~Gail Godwin

Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.

~Author Unknown

When I grow a little more, I hope to become an Elementary School

Teacher. I wanted this dream job for years and cannot wait to

accomplish it.

You know how children play school?  Well, I not

only did that but, I made created imaginary

students with names. Continue reading

*Surprise Surprise*

4 Jan

So, I was going to the Library with my best friend, Natalia,  like any other day.

(It was December 29 that day by the way……..)

When we got there, we did homework and i got a lot of cookbooks to attempt to make some interesting meals at home.

When my sister came to pick us up, i was planning on eating quickly when i got home and then go to the mall.

We drove in silence……..and then my sister says to Natalia to come with us to the mall. I got all happy when she said yes.

My sister also offered her dinner so that we can go right away and not have to drop her off.

So we walked up to the house and my sister knocked on the door. Now that was weird because she has keys.

Then she pushed me awkwardly to the front because i was in the back of the two of them.

Suddenly, the door flung open Continue reading

Funny sign I saw in Wisconsin

19 Oct

I was in Wisconsin driving to a fest when i saw this sign……..It is marked Chicago street in Wisconsin……..I wonder if in Chicago, we have a Milwaukee street 😀 Continue reading

On the Road

27 Sep

How I Remember Those Days

Right Next to Me My Sister Lays

All Tired but Excited

Because This Day

Is a Special Day. Continue reading