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Gift of a Friend

7 Mar

I love my friends………and i appreciate their patience to put up with me…. 😛

I think that friends are a big part in your life……and you should treasure each moment with them…….

The good thing about them is that you can choose them.

They aren’t just given to you and you have to find some way to deal with them such as brothers and sisters.

Well, i found some cute photos online that are very true and express the true meaning of friends…….

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I Promise Laughter “2” :D

6 Mar

I always search for funny and adorable pictures online

and i found a whole bunch of them that i want to share

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Adorable Baby Costumes

5 Mar

I found all these adorable pictures online and thought

to share it with you. Enjoy!

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Here’s a Thought: Atoms

4 Mar


Do you ever think it would be cool if the whole world was atoms instead of humans?

No, probably not…….but i did……….

It would be a kind world and people would say “Here….have an electron”

But sometimes we would have positive and negative attitudes…..just like protons and electrons.


Harry Potter Fans!!!!!

26 Feb

I lOVE Harry Potter Series!! They have a very creative storyline!!!!!

I was on YOUTUBE and I came across a Harry Potter Rap!!!

It was, of course, clever and it matched up to the one and only series………

The lyrics are below with the song……

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My Crazy BEST Friend :D

7 Feb

My Best friend is as crazy as I am……..well……i would have to say more

than me. I love her to death!!! She is my everything 😛

She showed me random poems that she wrote and i laughed my butt

off…..she is lame (and you might think that too) but she is cool to me 😀

I would like to share that with you 😀

She made all of them up because she was bored out of her mind 😀

This one is called “MOMENTS”

“These are the moments that matter the most, the ones that live and

breathe for you. They say good morning and they say goodnight and give

you a kiss on the cheek. Why not? These are the moments I love. When I

am with my mom. Watching carrots outside. As they play in  the snow. In

the snow. The snow. The snow. The moments where you can’t donate.

Not even a dime. Where are we?”

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5 Feb

Do you sometimes feel like there is someone following

you??? Like you are being watched????

Then, you turn around and it is just a


I found this video on YouTube and thought to share it 😀

I got scared the first time, second time, and the third

time i saw it!!!!

I have a feeling you will too 😛

I also suggest that you watch the kitty closely 😉

It looks as if you are playing red light, green light with

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It’s All About The Nose

2 Feb

Do you have favorite smells that you just love???

Or do you hate a smell sooooooo bad you want to puke???????

I know i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t think I’m a freak……..OK? Continue reading

Did You Know?

6 Jan

I found facts from a website and thought i should share……

I got them from this website:

1. Smelling Bannanas and/or Green apples can help you loose weight!

2. President George W. Bush was once a cheerleader!

3. To sell your home faster and for more money,  paint it yellow!

4. The U.S Government spent $277,000 on pickle research in 1993!

5. The inventor of the waffle iron did not like waffles

6. Take your height and divide by eight. That’s how tall your head is!

7. A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans.

8. Each year, there are more that 40,000 toilet related injuries in the United States.

9. More than 10 people a year are killed by vending machines!

10. A cat’s jaw cannot move sideways!

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6 Jan

I found some more pictures online and they are the CUTEST!!!!!!

I did not take these pictures but find them adorable…… 😀

Most of them are cats…..that is because i am in love with cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I Promise Laughter :D

6 Jan

These pictures are some that i thought were funny……. i hope you do to 😀

I did not take these pictures, i found them online and thought they were hilarious and wanted to share them with you 😀

I recommend you pause at each picture because it goes quickly……….

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