All About You: Features, Characteristics, and Personality

28 Jan

Everyone has their own Features, Characteristics, and Personality. That is what makes us different from other human beings. Doesn’t everyone always wonder what people are really like? What do those people  like other people to be like?

(If that sentence didn’t make sense, i apologize…… :D)

Everyone can be different. Everyone can have the power to change also.

In my case scenario, I am way different than any of my family members. Especially my mom. She is the complete opposite of me and yet we get along.

Now, you must be thinking about that opposites attract, right? Well, I thought that until I met my best friend.

I like everything she likes, we both think of things the same way, and we both have the same goals and way of heart.

After this miracle of finding her, I still don’t entirely believe that rule of attraction. (This goes for any kind of relationship)

Everyone can be the same at points but will have differences……….that would be you and only you……

Now her and I were the same until over the years, i began to realize them. Those things that make us us.

Different laughs, taste, sense of humor, cleverness, religion, appetites, features, etc. We were different in some ways but that did not break us apart.  Having a dorky laugh or a giggle does not mean you are the complete opposite! You are just special. Just uniquely special. You are your own self. It is not hereditary!!!! I hate that!!!! You are you and that’s it… strings attached

What really upsets me is when the human race never gives people chances or doesn’t look below the skin.

I have met some great people through the chances or the observation and some not so good.

This topic has always been brought back to another idea…. Marriage. This kind of goes along with the “opposites attract” theory.

When you look for a spouse, you always look for similar interests. I get that…..but what if there was a person who looked way beneath that? What would they find? A heart? A brain? Yes….filled with love, thoughts, and likes……that is where the power is.

Feelings and Emotions can also be a trait. If you are too sensitive or as hard as a rock…….you are still classified as a good or bad in some people’s minds.

If you are always positive or if you are always depressed……that effects your view to other people.

A personality can be anything.

Interesting, funny, outgoing are all personalities that people probably look for.

What about the cleverness and the caring in people’s power organs??  (weirdly worded :P)

Why don’t people care anymore?

Where is the heart and soul that every human has? Is it just for waste?

Why do most people say they want a tall, dark, handsome man?

What happened to sensitivity, caring, love, and a beautiful glow on the inside?

Why can’t people be more aware of  each other and their feelings?

Am I the only one?


3 Responses to “All About You: Features, Characteristics, and Personality”

  1. dam3et 2ontha February 2, 2011 at 3:51 am #

    You are absolutely right Soosoo, there is always much more inside a persons brain, soul and especially heart.

    Sometimes one gets so excited to find someone who has something they may think is unique and forget that there is a whole lot more to that-self. You also can get excited and attracted to someone who is so different than you, maybe because they have a trait you admire and could never get yourself to have. Either way, you can miss out on a lot, in the first case you can miss signs of maybe a not so good friend, in the second case your infatuated by something and forgetting the other parts and may also end up with a not so good friend.

    No matter what you see in someone you have two choices at the end, you can either play it safe and just play on the sidelines and test out the territory or you jump right in the game and hope that you wont get hurt.

    The only advise I have for you is to always evaluate your friends based on their actions and reactions to situations with you or with others.

    I hope you will always be safe

    Love you

    Love Seeno

  2. Yasmeen February 3, 2011 at 3:24 pm #

    Hey soosoo,
    For the statement “Opposites attracts” that’s mostly for a guy and a girl situation (To be in love with someone)
    When you have a friend like a girl and a girl or a guy and a guy (Just friends) it becomes “Likes attract” Like in chemistry “Like dissolves like” 😀
    A party girl who is very sociable will most likely hang out with people like her, who have her same interest
    And a girl who is religious and not so much sociable will have friends that are like her and are religious like her. That’s why you and Nata get along. If two opposite people like totally different things, what will they talk about and what will they do together? In my opinion it would be hard to have a friend like that, the friendship might die out. In some cases it could work out, don’t get me wrong.
    Moving to a different topic, you really cant choose who you are attracted to (according to Baba Ali) and that’s completely true. Sometimes you fall in love with someone, and then they look beautiful to you inside and out.
    It really depends on the person

    Love Meeno

    • foreveryoungpoet February 3, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

      I guess i kind of agree with you on the opposites attract thing….
      I love your point of view……
      Ahhhhh…..I love Baba Ali 😀

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